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Chattem Chemicals, Inc. has a rich history as part of Chattem, Inc,

which was founded as the Chattanooga Medicine Company on February 21, 1879. It began operations in a small unpretentious 2-story brick building located on a muddy, unpaved road called Market Street in the heart of downtown Chattanooga. Chattanooga Medicine Company was the maker of many recognizable products including Thedford’s Black Draught®, a senna based laxative, originally developed in 1840 by Dr. A.Q. Simmons of Snow Hill, Georgia.

Just after World War II, the seeds of today's Chattem Chemicals were sown. One of the first new antacid compounds commonly known as Dihydroxy Aluminum Aminoacetate was developed. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Irvine W. Grote, a Company advisor, discovered a second new antacid, Dihydroxy Aluminum Sodium. The fine chemicals division until recently for use in "Bufferin" and "Rolaids" manufactured these two compounds, respectively.

Internal research efforts also gave birth to "Pamabrom", a diuretic used to reduce menstrual discomfort. Pamabrom remains one of the key products manufactured today along with USP Glycine (Amino acetic Acid) for the injectable market.

  Who we are  

In 1995 Elcat, Inc. purchased the chemical division of Chattem, giving birth to 'Chattem Chemicals, Inc.'. Elcat was the parent company of Electrocatalytic Products, which was formed in 1986 in a management buyout from Engelhard Chemicals Co. The company has a long history of manufacturing and engineering in the electrochemical field. Products included CAPAC®, an impressed current cathodic protection system for full hull protection in sea going vessels. The company also manufactured Chloropac® systems, a patented electro-chlorination system to prevent fouling from bacterial growth in cooling water.

In 1998, Elcat sold Electrocatalytic to focus on the Chemicals business in Chattanooga. In 1999, Elcat acquired Arenol, a small controlled substances manufacturer in New Jersey and move operations to its Chattanooga site.

Today Chattem Chemicals, Inc. manufacturers a broad variety of products in four primary markets: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Catalysts, Surfactants & Performance Additives. Today we are focused on growth in controlled substances in our API unit. Our product includes several psychoactive amines, barbiturates, and methenamine salts.


Chattem Chemicals, Inc. manufactures a variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and performance chemicals used in consumer and industrial markets. Our products are used world-wide in an extensive range of custom formulated products and industrial applications such as chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates; as rheology modifiers in the printing ink, coating and grease and lubricant industries; as food additives; as proprietary catalysts and/or catalyst carriers and components in chemical foaming and acid scavenger formulations for the plastics industry; and our anionic surfactants are used in industrial and personal care as well as cosmetic applications. Please use the links at the top of the page to explore our site and learn more about our company. Please, use the links below to go to our affiliates websites.

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