Commitment To Quality
Chattem Chemicals Inc. Quality Policy
  • As a GMP facility, Chattem’s quality systems are designed to meet the requirements of ICH Q7 and 21 CFR parts 210 and 211. Chattem utilizes various validated software to manage our quality systems that are ever evolving and improving. With a longstanding successful FDA inspection history, and the most recent inspection resulting in zero 483s, Chattem’s goal is to ensure your project is completed while maintaining the highest quality standards.
  • We deliver quality products and services which will satisfy all of the requirements and expectations of our customers, both inside and outside the company
  • Trust, teamwork, competence and respect for individuals are the guidelines for attaining quality products and relationships
  • Only those suppliers who share the common commitment and desire for quality products and services will be selected as partners
  • Success will be obtained when: the expectations of customers and suppliers are clearly defined, agreement is reached on a process and timetable to attain conformance, and all expectations are satisifed

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