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Our History
Business Unit Roots
Chattem Chemicals, Inc. is licensed by the DEA to manufacture Schedule 1-5 controlled substances in its API business unit and is inspected regularly by the FDA for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice. CCI has deep roots in the pharmaceutical industry. From our beginnings in novel aluminum chemistries for antacids to the current production of controlled substances, we have breadth of experience to meet a variety of needs and applications.
In our Performance Additives business unit, the core aluminum alkoxide technology that was responsible for our early history was also found to be useful in other applications. For nearly 40 years, CCI has been producing these aluminum-based products for the ink, paint, grease, and petroleum industries to control the viscoelastic properties of different systems.
In 2004, Chattem recognized an unmet market need in the surfactants area. The Dow Chemical Co had made the decision to shut down its operations in Nashua, New Hampshire that housed its Hamposyltm product lines and proprietary production process. CCI entered into negotiations with Dow, eventually bought the equipment and technical package, and rebuilt the plant in Chattanooga. Surfactants have been on a steady upward growth path since opening again in April of 2005, and is now an all-important fourth business unit for the company.
CCI's glycine business unit offers products serving a wide variety of applications. Our cGMP-compliant, dedicated facility is the clear choice when product quality is the leading consideration. With capabilities to control critical process parameters, glycine produced by CCI is a market leader for custom specifications and packaging solutions.
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