Our Facility
Whether Chattem Chemicals helped developed the API or if it was a technology transfer, our cGMP manufacturing facilities can assure your API is produced to meet all specifications and regulatory requirements. Our facility boasts stainless steel, glass and hastelloy reactors ranging from 20 liters to 2,000 gallons. Having multiple dryers, centrifuges, mills and other necessary equipment ensures your project stays on track without delay waiting on equipment to be available.
Chattem is viewed as a campus with our manufacturing facility, warehouse, offices, Quality Control lab, and R&D lab all located within walking distance of each other. The API manufacturing buildings have the capability to manufacture both controlled and non-controlled substances with DEA approved storage vaults and controlled site access with various security measures. Chattem’s newest addition is a multi-level manufacturing facility, which, in addition to the existing manufacturing facility, ensures Chattem has the equipment available to guarantee your project stays on track without delay.
Within the Chattem 2 and Chattem 5 buildings, the facilities dedicated to API manufacturing, there are multiple suites available to accommodate different batch sizes of API products ranging from 10 gallon pilot scale to 2000 gallon production scale. Chattem’s facilities contain reactors that vary from glass lined steel, stainless steel, and Hastelloy C to provide the best material of construction for your application. Chattem specializes in hydrogenation, crystallization, sub-micron filtration, high efficiency centrifugation, among various other processes. Milling applications can be customized to achieve your desired particle size distribution. Whether Chattem helps to develop the API or if the technology is transferred to our site, the GMP manufacturing facilities can assure your API is produced to meet all specifications and requirements.
Chattem’s capabilities for utility heating and cooling make the production suites flexible depending on your project requirements. All suites are certified Class 100,000 once through HEPA filtered air for pharmaceutical production. Adjustments can be made efficiently utilizing a closed loop system which ensures heating as high as 232 degrees Celcius and cooling as low as negative 15 degrees Celcius can be achieved.
2000 gallon reactor bottoms two men looking at a blue reactor