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“R&D is the growth engine of Chattem Chemicals, Inc.”
— Nilesh Patel, Director of R&D
Our Innovation
Chattem has both a synthesis team that handles complex chemistry, potent API’s, and controlled substances using advance techniques as well as an analytical team that handles method development, validations, and complex investigations. With many instrumentation types available and subject matter experts in multiple fields, the R&D department can provide services such as Key Starting Material assessment, lab scale batch production, scale-up activities, impurity synthesis and identification, pilot to validation activities and much more. Chattem’s focus on developing and optimizing safe and effective processes and operating in compliance with global regulatory guidelines means that whether you have hit a roadblock in your API development, or need a partner from the start, Chattem can help.
Not only are the analytical and synthetic teams located on-site, but as a subsidiary of Sun Pharmaceticals, Chattem has the global power of the research and development group located in India for support if needed. The technical and analytical expertise of our highly skilled chemists can take your challenge and make it a reality.
We are focused on developing safe and effective R&D processes, and we operate in compliance with global regulatory guidelines via in-house development using QBD and DOE concepts. Our efforts are primarily focused on development and optimization of new and existing process technologies that support manufacturing of APIs, surfactants, and industrial products.
Our synthesis team handles complex chemistry, potent APIs, and controlled substances using advance techniques. Our analytical R&D team is well-versed in method development, validations, and complex investigations in support of In-house and customer projects.
Our analytical R&D capabilities include:
  • HPLC
  • UPLC
  • LCMS
  • GC (FID, ECD)
  • GCMS
  • Ion Chromatography
  • FTIR
  • UV
  • KF
  • Malvern Size Analysis
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