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Surfactants and Personal Care
Chattem Chemicals is the largest source for sarcosinate surfactants in the United States, which allows customers to have a reliable source in their supply chains to stay within the borders of the United States. Hamposyl surfactants are a natural extension of our capabilities as a specialty chemicals manufacturer, keeping with our mission to supply formulators value added ingredients of the best quality to the highest standards.
Our Hamposyl products are highly effective surfactants produced from fatty acids and the amino acid sarcosine. These allow for key performance and attributes to improve the formulations of end products for a number of markets, including personal care, cleaning, industrial chemicals, and energy. Hamposyl sarcosines and their salts, the sarcosinates, are mild, biodegradable, anionic surfactants.
The following list illustrates the versatility and broad applicability provided to formulators by the line of surfactants Chattem manufactures:
Commerically Available Forms
Hamposyl surfactants are available commercially in the acid form as follows:
Hamposyl is also commercially available as solutions in the following sodium salts:
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